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Ways you can get involved and support Bridget's Cradles:

Comfort the Brokenhearted

become a

monthly supporter

A monthly commitment is an easy and effective way to support our 

mission and provide comfort to bereaved families all year long. 


Just $25/month ships cradles to 2 hospitals, touching the lives of over 100 bereaved families.


Make a gift today to deliver comfort and hope to grieving families across the country. Your contribution will directly support our program operations and allow us to ship more cradles

to hospitals nationwide. Click below for more information on the ways your gift will make a lasting impact.

Give supplies

View our wish list of specific craft items and office supplies that we currently use on a daily basis. Helping us fulfill these important needs makes a huge difference in allowing us to continue comforting bereaved families nationwide with the gift of a cradle. You can order through our wish list or shop and mail items to us.

give your time

We have volunteer opportunities available for knitters/crocheters (nationwide) as well as volunteer opportunities for those living in or near Wichita, Kansas. The work of your hands and the gift of your time will be forever appreciated by the hospitals and bereaved families we serve.


Host a Facebook fundraiser for a special occasion such as your birthday or in memory of a baby or loved one in Heaven. Invite your family and friends to help you meet your goal and provide comfort to grieving families. 

memorial Gifts

A memorial gift is a special way to honor and remember a baby or loved one in Heaven. You can also make an honorary gift in honor of someone special. We will provide you with a special certificate and letter to keep or send to the tribute

or honoree.

matching gifts

If your employer offers an Employee Matching program, they can provide you with instructions for getting your gift to Bridget's Cradles matched, multiplying both your impact and our capacity to serve bereaved families.

shop on amazon

When you shop through, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase amount to

Bridget's Cradles. It's easy to sign-up! Bookmark and use that link instead of when you do your shopping.

shop at dillons

You can shop with Dillons Community Rewards and help bereaved families every time you buy groceries! It only takes 2 minutes of your time to sign up and it is of no expense to you. You can continuously help us bless families just by doing your normal grocery shopping!

stay connected

Subscribe to receive updates from Bridget's Cradles. We'll send you exclusive email updates and opportunities to take action and help spread the word through your social networks.

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