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Dear sweet momma, my heart breaks that you're in need of the content on this page. I am sorry for your loss and that you have a need to look up memorial ideas for your precious baby in Heaven. I sincerely pray that these ideas are healing and hope-filled for you. The ideas listed and pictures shown on this page are ways we celebrate Bridget's life and remember her in our home and daily life.


It's important to know that every mother grieves differently and not every idea listed here is going to be helpful or meaningful to everyone. And that's okay. This page is not meant to be an all-inclusive checklist of things you should be doing to honor your baby. Your baby is honored just by you being their mother! I hope you'll take the ideas on this page that fit with how you're grieving and leave the rest. I want to encourage you to do what feels right to you and what is going to help you in your journey. And if you'd like to share how one or more of these ideas aided in your healing, we'd love to hear from you. You can also tag your pictures on Instagram to @bridgetscradles using #BChealing so we can see your photo and remember your baby with you. We are praying for you! 






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