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Cambrie Grace Burgess | Featured Story

April 26th couldn't come soon enough, we were finding out the gender of our fourth blessing from Heaven.

On the way to the ultrasound, we were so excited, figuring out how we would spell the names we would pick out and everything. We got into the ultrasound room and I was so excited I could barely contain it.

The technician started asking some "red flag" questions and went to find my doctor. I knew something was wrong immediately.

Crying, I knew I was about to hear the words no mommy or daddy wants to hear, "I'm sorry but there isn't a heartbeat." I was in tears as we walked out of the office.

That night we were admitted and after a long night and morning, my beautiful Cambrie Grace was born at 11:41 on April 27, 2021.

They immediately put her in a Bridget's cradle and handed her to me. We just stared at her in awe. She was perfect, so tiny in her cradle. My husband even got some time with her too.

During the making of arrangements for her to be buried, we decided that she needed to be buried in her cradle. I felt like she needed to be cradled, even though she was already in the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

The hospital was able to give a crochet heart that matched our cradle along with the charm that was on her cradle. They are now in a shadow box I made in her honor.

The cradle was an amazing idea. Thank you so much for it and the matching heart that I get to keep.

Written by Elizabeth Burgess, mother of Cambrie Grace, born into Heaven 4/27/21 at 20 weeks 1 day

Please leave some love and encouragement for Elizabeth in the comments below. We appreciate your prayers for their family.


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