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Elijah Sorrentino | Featured Story

Elijah was a blessing from God. Amidst their struggles with infertility, PCOS, and endometriosis, his parents longed for the day they would have the privilege of conceiving and bringing a child home.

Many people around the world prayed for this soul, hoping that one day Melissa, Elijah's mom, would conceive. After numerous fertility procedures, Melissa and Nick conceived through their 6th IUI. Life changed drastically - showcasing the unpredictability of the future, especially after Melissa's emotional turmoil just weeks before, doubting her ability to become a mother.

Infertility can be immensely disheartening. Yet, when Melissa became pregnant, she believed this was always part of God's plan, despite the challenging journey. Opting not to know the gender, they affectionately referred to their unborn child as "bean." Bean's development was a source of hope and healing for Melissa, as she sailed through a sickness-free pregnancy.

However, a sudden change occurred when Melissa noticed alarming signs, which she was reassured were normal. But what defines normal? Trusting the medical experts, Melissa went for her check-ups, only to receive devastating news - she would deliver the baby that day.

Amidst the chaos in the hospital, contractions persisted, and her water broke prematurely, leaving Melissa overwhelmed with sorrow and guilt. During delivery, the nurse informed her it was time to push, but Melissa felt unprepared, sharing a moment of sorrow with the nurse. When Elijah was born, the nurse revealed it was a boy, Elijah Matthew Sorrentino, born sleeping at 4:19 am on December 17, 2022.

As hours passed, Melissa and Nick realized they didn't want their last memories of Elijah to be in his current state. When discussing her farewell plan, Melissa confided in the nurse that she was unsure how to bid her son goodbye, realizing she would never see his face or hold him close again. The nurse reassured her, "You will find the right way," and that moment arrived.

They swayed him gently, serenading him with his beloved lullaby: “Sleep, sweet Elijah, we will meet again someday, sleep we’ll be with you while you dream.” As the nurse swiftly took him in the bassinet, it was a heart-wrenching moment, the most difficult farewell. No one is ever ready for such an experience.

The cradle was the final place where my son, Elijah, was safe, and I hold onto it dearly to this day. I can still smell his comforting scent, which brings me solace. Following my time at the hospital, I delved into Bridget's Cradles, joined the Facebook group, and participated in support sessions. It has consistently been a source of hope for me.

Written by Melissa, mother of Elijah, born on 12/17/2022 at 17 weeks, 6 days.

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