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Grace's Testimonial - Hope Gatherings

Grace Gibson, bereaved mom to baby girl Miriam Lois and two babies in Heaven, shares her story and the impact that Bridget's Cradles and its local support ministry, Hope Gatherings, has had on her grieving and healing journey.

"The group [was] focused on hope, rather than grief. I just remember this overwhelming feeling of comfort knowing that I was in a room full of other people who had experienced this kind of loss and I could be so honest with them, and I could tell them exactly what it felt like and what I was going through and that they would understand.

I just cannot imagine what it would have been like without having built that community with Bridget's Cradles. I'm just so thankful for that community and for the ability that I had to be part of that group of women."

To read Miriam's life story, visit here.

Please join us in sending love and prayers to Grace and her husband, Jonah (who filmed this video), in memory of Miriam and their two precious babies in Heaven.


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