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Jordan and Miller King | Featured Story

We were so excited for our beautiful baby boys to join our family. Connor, their two-year-old big brother, was so excited. He loved talking about his two brothers and enjoyed showing off their nursery and mom’s growing belly. Our babies joined us as angels to forever protect their brother Connor. We love them so much.

My husband and I were very afraid of delivering. What would it be like? How would we hold our tiny babies without hurting them? When our sons were handed to us in their beautiful cradles, we were so relieved. Their tiny little bodies were protected by a beautifully crocheted cradle that we will cherish forever.

Written by Alex King, mother of Jordan Alexander and Miller James King, born into Heaven 6/30/21 at 18 weeks 5 days

Please leave some love and encouragement for Alex in the comments below. We appreciate your prayers for their family.


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