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Shine Their Light 2022 Fundraiser Results + Award Winners

Bridget’s Cradles’ recently concluded our Shine Their Light fundraiser held during October Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month.

We had set a goal to raise $50,000 and we are pleased to announce that we were very close to meeting our goal!

Together, we raised $41,339 to comfort grieving families!

We couldn’t have done this without each person who so generously donated this past month. Each gift will impact the lives of bereaved families by shining a light in the darkness of their grief.

The Shine Their Light fundraiser gives bereaved families the opportunity to fundraise in memory of their babies in Heaven to bless and comfort other families who knew the same pain and heartache as them. Each year we award the team who raised the most funds (*excluding Board members' teams) with the Wave of Light award.

This year, we are honored to announce the winner of the 2022 Wave of Light award:

Jon and Kelcey Crone

In memory of their son, David Bruce, they raised $2,149.

"Our son, David Bruce Crone, was born into Heaven on April 10, 2020 at just 17 weeks gestation. He weighed 3.2 ounces and measured 6.75 inches. While in the hospital, we received a beautifully knitted blue and white cradle, a cradle that held our son in it so perfectly. This cradle provided us with comfort in the deepest depths of our grief, the one thing we had that touched our precious baby boy; something we could physically hold onto for comfort in our darkest days.

We were devastated, grief-stricken and clueless as to how to move forward, when we noticed the little card from the cradle we received that read “Bridget’s Cradles”. We got in touch with the ministry, and from that day forward, our lives were changed. We found comfort, community, hope, and above all things, healing. Support groups helped heal our relationship and the ministry as a whole helped us find purpose for our pain.

It was a true honor for us to be able to fundraise for the Shine Their Light campaign. Being able to raise money in support of Bridget’s Cradles gave us a beautiful way to, not only honor our son, but to also provide comfort to other grieving families seeking hope in the midst of their grief. There is so much hope and healing in knowing that all the money raised goes directly back to supporting grieving families!"

You can read David's full story on our blog, written by Kelcey, here.

Below you will find our Wave of Light 2022 Feature Film which shows a snippet of Jon and Kelcey's speech:

[Jon and Kelcey's full acceptance speech is also recorded on our Cradled in Hope podcast in a special episode devoted to our Wave of Light 2022 event. You can listen to that episode here.]

Thank you so much, Jon and Kelcey, for shining a light in memory of your son, David Bruce Crone.


We also want to thank the following Memorial Sponsors and Shine Their Light teams for fundraising:

  • Jack’s Pack (Jake & Casey Siegrist); raised $5,269 in memory of their son, Jack Monroe

  • Blessings from Bridget (Matt & Ashley Opliger); raised $4,634 in memory of their daughter, Bridget Faith

  • Price-Coulter Team (Steven & Hilary Price-Coulter); raised $2,813 in memory of their daughter, Eva Grace and Her Siblings in Heaven

  • Tom & Kami Anderson; raised $1,104 in memory of their children, Cooper Dean Anderson and Baby Anderson

  • Gabriel & Louisa Markley; donated $1,000 in memory of their babies, Markley Babies

  • Irona Mikelle Cliver; raised $710 in memory of her daughter, Baby Mickey

  • Justin & Aubrey Pavlacka; donated $520 in memory of their daughter, Timber Kai

  • Jay & Tabitha Willis; donated $258 in memory of their daughter, Sarah Evelyn

Each of these team's donations played a vital role in the success of our Shine Their Light 2022 Fundraiser! We are now equipped to serve bereaved families in the weeks and months ahead with cradles, support, and resources.

If you haven’t had the chance to watch the Wave of Light highlight film or listen to the special Wave of Light bonus episode with the Reading of the Names, click on the links to do so now!

For everyone who participated in the Shine Their Light fundraiser this year, thank you for shining your baby in Heaven's lights! We look forward to hosting this special opportunity again next year for Wave of Light 2023. Mark your calendars for Sunday, 10/15/2023!

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