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Here you will find testimonials and photos shared from bereaved families who received Bridget's Cradles for their precious babies in Heaven. We thank these families for their vulnerability in sharing their stories and helping us illustrate the impact and comfort a cradle can provide during the heartbreaking loss of a baby.

Abundynce Faith

Born into Heaven 3/13/15

Yolanda Thomas, Mother

"We are so very grateful for the beautiful cradle your ministry provided us for our daughter, Abundynce. I was blown away by its beauty and design. You have gone to so much effort to really think about what would be perfect for these little babies and their families. I had no choice but to part with my precious baby girl, but I'm thankful I did not have to part with the cradle that held her earthly tent. It is something tangible that I will always treasure."

Everett Charles

Born into Heaven 7/30/15

Danielle King, Mother

"Without the hand sewn cradle that held our son's tiny 20 week body perfectly we would've been left with the towels and swaddling blankets that originally engulfed his precious body; being made to feel like we would break him with every tiny touch or movement. The moment Everett was placed in his adorable baby blue cradle changed our experience with him completely. Having him snuggly wrapped in his cradle gave us the confidence to snuggle his tiny body and hug and kiss him before we had to say our final goodbyes. My family and I will forever be grateful for Bridget's Cradles and the ministry they provide. They gave us the priceless gift of holding and loving on our angel before saying our final goodbyes."

Gabriel Mason

Born into Heaven 6/28/15

Dena Broderick, Mother

"I first heard about Bridget's Cradles right after we found out that our third baby didn't have a heart beat at our 20 week sonogram. A few days later, after we delivered our son Gabriel, the nurses brought in a Bridget's Cradle. To be able to hold him in the cradle instead of a hospital washcloth or other hospital linen, was so much nicer and personal and I felt made it easier and allowed us to enjoy holding him throughout the day. It's something that has connected me with my son ever since."

Gianna Marie

Born into Heaven 10/13/15

Karina Enriquez, Mother

"On October 13th, 2015 we received a cradle for our daughter, Gianna, whom was born stillborn. Our eight year old daughter Giselle chose the perfect cradle for her little sister, and for us it was very comforting. We were grateful that someone took the time to make a cradle for us. At the time we didn't know what to expect, but to receive so much love and sympathy from an unknown person was truly humbling. I love what Bridget's Cradles is doing for bereaved families; the cradle helps bring healing and allows you to really hold your tiny baby close enough to love on them. Thank you."

Kade & Kiptyn

Born into Heaven 3/4/15

Kristy Hawkins, Mother

"We lost our precious twin boys on March 4, 2015. When I saw them in their casket in their cradles, I wept, as they looked so perfect. They are our sweet babies and I miss them so much and want to hold them again so badly. Bridget's Cradles ministry and offering of love to give our sweet babies something beautiful to be cradled in, will forever live in and warm my heart. I am forever grateful for their support and for them so selflessly helping me and my family."

Charlie Edward

Born into Heaven 4/26/17

Mandy Morford, Mother

"My perfectly formed, tiny baby fit into my hand. Wesley gave us a Bridget’s Cradle for him to be wrapped and lay in. We had 6 beautiful hours with Charlie before we said our goodbyes. I’m so thankful we were given a cradle to lay him in to ease the shock of feeling his skin against ours. The cradle held him perfectly and the tiny blankets fit around his body. I hope that you can hear from the deepest part of my soul how thankful I am for this gift and for the time and energy you put into each and every cradle you helped make. In our darkest moments, you helped make our world a better place."

Imais King

Born into Heaven 7/14/17

Jordan Owens, Mother

"We received a cradle after delivering our son. It was one of our most treasured items and still is. I often kiss and cuddle our cradle. It's the one thing that cradled him as close as my womb. Bridget's cradles is a wonderful organization. They have been with me throughout my journey. Our family loves to participate in Bridget's Cradles Wichita Wave of Light - Pregnancy and Infant Loss candlelight vigil every October. I love going to Support and Serve and Create and Remember gatherings. I am so blessed to not walk this journey alone. Thank you Bridget's Cradles for walking this journey with us."

Luke Vincent

Born into Heaven 12/1/15

Samantha Bogle, Mother

"We received a beautifully knitted together Bridget’s Cradle. A cradle that Luke would take his first and only pictures in. This cradle held Luke so delicately and was the most perfect size for his little body. He looked like such a big boy lying in Bridget’s Cradle that looked as though it was perfectly knitted together just for him. The pictures of Luke in Bridget’s Cradle are not only our favorite pictures of him but those pictures captured Luke exactly how we remembered him. A beautifully God knitted baby wrapped in a beautifully human knitted cradle. We will cherish those pictures of our first baby forever."

share your baby's

life story

If you received a cradle for your baby in Heaven, we pray that it was comforting to you in your time of loss and allowed you to cuddle your baby in the moments you had together. We would be more than honored to hear about your baby's life story and share about him or her with the world, if that would be healing to you.

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