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Bridget's Cradles are designed to hold tiny babies who are born into Heaven during the second trimester of pregnancy. Because babies are so small and fragile in weeks 14-26 of pregnancy, traditional blankets do not meet their needs. Our cradles offer a functional and stable way to hold a delicate, precious baby, and each cradle is uniquely made with love and care to respect the sacred life it will hold. 


We also offer memory keepsakes to families who have experienced first or third trimester loss of a baby. We donate cradles and memory keepsakes free of charge directly to hospitals all across the country. To us, our cradles are a tangible gift of comfort, love, and hope to a family in the moment of their greatest loss and grief. 

Bridget's Cradles have three main purposes:

Holding & Bonding

Our cradles are soft and perfectly shaped to bundle a small baby born into Heaven. They are designed for grieving families to feel comfortable while bonding and loving on their precious baby. The cradle provides stability for a delicate baby and gives family members confidence in holding and transferring the baby between each other.



Our cradles are made to hold a baby in a dignified and respectful way. The cradles allow families and photographers to capture precious photographs of their baby that they will cherish for a lifetime. Cuddled gently in the cradle, a baby's little face is easily visible as a small tapered blanket covers the rest of their body to provide dignity. Because micro-preemie skin is very sensitive, the blanket covers any skin that may have torn. The cradle is a dignifying way to honor and photograph a precious baby in Heaven.

Burial or


Our cradles are a comforting way for families to hold their babies for burial because they represent a soft and nurturing womb-like environment that is honoring and respectful of their precious life.


For families choosing cremation or other burial arrangements, the cradle can be kept as a keepsake that once held and touched their baby. Many families choose to preserve and display their baby's cradle inside a special memory shadowbox.




Memory Squares and Hearts are provided to families who have experienced first or third trimester loss. The memory square or heart was knit or crocheted with love and prayers for the family. It can be held by the family in a purse, wallet, or pocket as a reminder of something that was present with their baby at the hospital. Other families choose to display it in a shadow box or frame.


Photo Album


for your hospital?

Fill out this quick form to request a donation of cradles for your hospital. 

Our cradles and memory keepsakes are always provided to hospitals free of charge.

We will ship them to you within 1-2 weeks!

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