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Bridget's Cradles supports hospitals nationwide by providing small, handmade knitted and crocheted cradles to offer to families who lose their baby in the second trimester of pregnancy. Our cradles are uniquely designed for families to hold and bond with their babies. We also offer memory keepsakes to families who have experienced the loss of their baby in the first or third trimester of pregnancy. 

Our cradles and memory keepsakes are always provided to hospitals free of charge.


It only takes two minutes!

Who We Support

We primarily donate our cradles directly to Labor & Delivery units at hospitals, but our cradles and memory keepsakes can also be offered to bereaved families experiencing loss within other units at a hospital.


We currently provide cradles and memory keepsakes to the following hospital units: 

We accept hospital donation requests from persons directly associated with a hospital unit

(e.g., nurse manager/director, nurse, social worker, or member of a hospital's bereavement team).

Cradle Purposes & Use

Holding & Bonding​

Our cradles are soft and perfectly shaped to hold a small baby born into Heaven. They are designed for grieving families to feel comfortable while bonding and loving on their precious baby. The cradle provides stability for a delicate baby and gives family members confidence in holding and transferring their baby between each other.

Memorial Photography

Our cradles allow families and photographers to capture precious photographs of their baby that they will cherish for a lifetime. The tapered blanket covers the baby’s body to provide dignity (and cover any torn skin) for presentation and photographs of their baby in Heaven.

Burial and/or Keepsake

Our cradles are a comforting way for families to hold their babies for burial because they represent a soft and nurturing womb-like environment that is honoring and respectful of their precious life.


For families choosing cremation or other burial arrangements, the cradle can be kept as a keepsake that once held and touched their baby. Many families choose to preserve and display their baby's cradle inside a special memory shadowbox.

Bridget's Cradles have allowed our patients the ability to hold and cherish their time with their beautiful baby born too soon. Our parents have appreciated being able to spend precious time with their baby, without feeling scared to hold and love on their little one for fear of damaging their little bodies. We are grateful to Bridget's Cradles for providing our unit and our patients with a beautiful form of closure.

Labor & Delivery Nurse Manager, Sanford Health, Bismarck, North Dakota



Memory Keepsakes

Memory Keepsakes are provided to families who have experienced the loss of a baby in the first or third trimester. The memory square or heart was knit or crocheted with love and prayers for the family. It can be held by the family in a purse, wallet, or pocket as a reminder of something that was present with their baby at the hospital. Other families choose to display it in a shadow box or frame.

Many of our recipient hospitals have chosen to utilize our memory keepsakes in other units within their hospital where our cradles may not be needed.


Emergency Departments and Surgical units often offer our memory keepsakes to families experiencing an early miscarriage, and NICUs have chosen to offer memory keepsakes to families experiencing infant loss when the baby is too large for a cradle and can be appropriately swaddled in a blanket or dressed in a burial gown.

We are starting to see as many patients as possible that are experiencing early miscarriage. We often do not have appropriate memory making items for these families since they often

do not get to see their baby due to their early gestation. The memory keepsakes provide them

great comfort and something to bring home. 

Perinatal Bereavement Care Coordinator, Naval Medical Center, San Diego, California



Our Process

Our cradles are always free of charge to any requesting hospital. We will provide as many cradles and memory keepsakes you need at your hospital for one year. You can request a re-order donation of cradles at any time when your inventory begins to run low.

In your initial donation, we will prepare a custom donation of cradles in a variety of sizes and pastel and neutral colors. For future donations, we can customize your re-order based on your current cradle inventory and provide you with specific colors and sizes, if needed.

Once we receive your order, you will receive an email confirming your request. We will ship your donation to your hospital within 1-2 weeks. Your donation will be accompanied with informational materials about our cradles that you can share with your staff.

What hospitals are saying

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