It is our desire to reach as many bereaved families with cradles as we can by donating our cradles to hospitals across the country. Cradles are always provided to hospitals free of charge. 


We provide our cradles and memory keepsakes directly to a hospital's labor and delivery department, emergency department, surgical unit, NICU, or perinatal bereavement team. Our cradles have been donated to over 1,000 hospitals in all 50 states.

Our Simple Process:

We accept hospital donation requests from persons directly associated with a hospital (e.g. labor & delivery nurse managers/directors, nurses, social workers, or members on a hospital's bereavement team).

Use a button below to request the number of cradles and memory keepsakes needed at your hospital for one year.


Cradles are for second trimester losses. Memory keepsakes are for first and third trimester losses.

You will receive an email confirming your request.


We will prepare a custom donation of cradles and memory keepsakes and ship them to your hospital within

1-2 weeks.

New Hospitals

Request initial Donation

Returning Hospitals

Request a re-order

If for some reason you are unable to fill out our online request form using the links above, please fill out the following PDF version and email it to hospitals[at]



How much do the cradles cost and do we have to pay for shipping?

The cradles are always free of charge. Our organization covers all shipping costs. There is no cost at all for hospitals to receive a donation of our cradles.

How quickly will I receive your cradles once I submit a request?

Your hospital will receive your donation of cradles within 1-2 weeks. We will email you the tracking number once they have been shipped to you.

Is it possible for our hospital's staff or local volunteers to use your patterns to make cradles directly for our own hospital?

Unfortunately, we do not provide our patterns for individual or local use. We believe we can accomplish more together than on our own. We have hundreds of volunteers from across the country committed to our mission. Each volunteer sends their cradles to our headquarters for inspection, completion, and distribution. We've structured our organization in this way so that we can always distribute the exact quantities, sizes, and colors to all of our recipient hospitals on an ongoing, long-term basis. We also inspect each and every cradle for appropriate yarns and colors, dimensions, sturdiness, etc. so that the hospitals we serve always have the highest quality of donated cradles for their bereaved patients. Our cradles are always free of charge, and we’ll ship them to you at no cost. Hospitals can request a re-order donation of cradles at any time. In addition, our organization is committed to providing resources and support to bereaved families through our website and social media pages. Bridget's Cradles has a strong community for bereaved parents to find hope and healing in their grieving journey.

Can I request specific sizes or colors of cradles?

Yes, you can specify exactly which sizes or colors of cradles you prefer on our Hospital Donation Request form above. Otherwise, we will provide your hospital with a variety of sizes and colors. Our cradles are always made with pastel and neutral colored yarns, and we will never send you dark, bright, or inappropriate colors for a grieving family.

Do all of your cradles have a cross charm on them? Is it possible to receive cradles without them?

Yes, all of our cradles have a cross charm on them. Our Christian faith is the foundation of our mission and the purpose behind our work as a nonprofit organization. Since our founding, a cross charm has been affixed to every Bridget's cradle donated to a hospital just as it was on Bridget's original cradle. It is representative of the hope we have in Jesus to see our babies again in Heaven.

All that being said, the cradles are free gifts that can be offered to bereaved families of any faith or background. We understand that some families who accept a cradle for their baby may prefer to remove the cross charm on the cradle, and we are open and understanding as the cradle itself is theirs to keep. We do not seek to push our beliefs on anyone and fully desire to respectfully comfort families while at the same time honoring our faith.
It is our policy that any receiving family (or hospital staff caring for them) may remove the cross if they so choose. The cross is easy to detach because it is not permanently affixed through the yarn, rather it is simply attached with a small stitch of thread. Our only stipulation is that we ask that our tag not be removed so that the family knows who the gift came from and can access support resources after they leave the hospital. We believe that our policy is a respectful compromise that is accommodating to everyone.

A list of frequently asked questions related to hospitals. If you have a question for us that is not answered below, feel free to email us at hospitals[at] or use our Contact form. Thank you!