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It is our desire to reach as many bereaved families with cradles as we can by donating our cradles to hospitals across the country. Cradles are always provided to hospitals free of charge. 
We provide our cradles and memory keepsakes directly to a hospital's labor and delivery department, emergency department, surgical unit, NICU, or perinatal bereavement team. Our cradles have been donated to over 1,400 hospitals in all 50 states.

Our Simple Process:

We accept hospital donation requests from persons directly associated with a hospital (e.g. labor & delivery nurse managers/directors, nurses, social workers, or members on a hospital's bereavement team).

Use a button below to request the number of cradles and memory keepsakes needed at your hospital for one year.


Cradles are for second trimester losses. Memory keepsakes are for first and third trimester losses.

You will receive an email confirming your request.


We will prepare a custom donation of cradles and memory keepsakes and ship them to your hospital within

1-2 weeks.

Request Cradles

for your hospital

If you have difficulties filling out the online form above, you can download a PDF version and email it to us at hospitals[at]

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