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The loss of a baby is one of the most heartbreaking and devastating experiences a person can endure on this earth. The waves of grief are deep and powerful and the human heart can hardly carry the weight of the pain and sadness. But there is hope! Though it may not feel possible right now, by the grace of God, with time and support, joy can and will return to your heart. Healing is possible. And healing doesn't mean forgetting or moving on, no, it's quite the opposite. Healing means that we can remember and celebrate our babies as we look forward to the day we will see them again in Heaven with expectant hope. We pray these pages plant seeds of hope into your heart.

I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in Heaven

Memorial Ideas

From her own experience after losing Bridget, Ashley shares practical ideas to honor your baby in your home and daily life. These ideas will fill your heart and home with the memory of your baby and the hope you have to see them again in Heaven. Not only will they serve as precious reminders of your baby's life, they will also bring comfort and healing to your heart.

Ideas include: ways to display memories and photos of your baby in your home, craft projects you can make in memory of your baby, remembrance items you can purchase, and memorial ideas that can take place outdoors (such as balloon releases and planting trees). 

Dates & Holidays

Holidays and important dates such as your baby's due date, birthday, or Heaven day can be difficult milestones to face in your grieving journey. Feeling unprepared for what you'll do on these days or for the emotions that will surface can be anxiety-provoking in the days and weeks leading up to these monumental days.

From her own experience after losing Bridget, Ashley shares how she and her family prepare for these difficult days and how they celebrate holidays in ways that bring peace and remembrance.

Grieving & Healing

From her own experience after losing Bridget, Ashley shares practical ideas that she found helpful in her grieving and healing journey.

Ideas include: writing letters to your baby, journaling, praying, crying, and talking about your baby. Ashley also recommends going to counseling, attending support groups, and connecting with other bereaved mothers. A list of ways to heal through helping others is also shared.

Caring for families

Do you know someone who has lost a baby? Are you a friend or family member looking for ways to care for a family grieving the loss of a baby?


This page offers practical ideas on how to support a bereaved family during the first few weeks after the loss of their baby, as well as how to care for them in the months and years that follow.

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