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Support from corporations and organizations is critical to our success in delivering comfort and hope to bereaved families nationwide.


Whether through grants, in-kind support, employee engagement, fundraising, or another initiative, we will partner together to increase our impact around a shared goal.

Thank you to Pratt Industries of Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas for your ongoing donations of our shipping boxes (see picture above). We are so grateful for your generous support of our mission.

Comfort the Brokenhearted

Ways your company can get involved and support Bridget's Cradles:

grants &

Corporate investment in our core operations and programs allows us to grow our impact year after year.

If your company would like to collaborate with Bridget's Cradles, we'd love to discuss with you how a partnership would help your company reach its philanthropic objectives while at the same time helping us deliver comfort and hope to bereaved families across the country. 

Donation Drive

A great way to multiply your company's impact is through employee engagement. Encourage your employees to get involved by participating in a  company fundraiser for Bridget's Cradles. Some ideas include: a company t-shirt sale, raffle, or a casual dress day/week fundraiser (e.g., employees can donate a specified amount to wear what they want to work). Even something as simple as a donation jar can make a huge impact!


Sponsor an Event

Each year on Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15th), we host our annual Wichita Wave of Light event for bereaved families in Wichita, Kansas and the surrounding areas. We also host local Hope Gathering support nights each month for bereaved moms in Wichita. We'd be honored to have your company help sponsor our annual Wave of Light event or a monthly Hope Gathering event. Please contact us below!

employee matching

Increase employee engagement and facilitate social responsibility by offering a matching gift program and workplace giving option (automatic payroll deduction) if your company does not yet do so already. This allows employees to multiply their impact for causes they care about. For more information or to verify an employee matching gift, please email donate[at]


If your company is located in the Wichita, Kansas area and is looking for a rewarding employee community service project, we'd love to host you at Bridget's Cradles headquarters for a day or evening of charitable service! During your scheduled service time at our headquarters, we'll provide your employees with special tasks that can be completed with supplies we provide. Please see our Community Service Groups page for more details!

In-Kind gifts

In addition to cash donations, your company can contribute directly to our mission and work by donating craft items and office supplies we use on an ongoing basis. Please view our online wish list of the material items that are critical to our programs and daily operations. Alternatively, if you believe your company has an in-kind donation that may be relevant to our mission, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us below. 

interested in partnering

with Bridget's Cradles?

If you are interested in Corporate Giving, please contact us below and let us know more about your company/organization and type of partnership(s) you're interested in. We look  forward to hearing from you!

Please select the type(s) of partnerships in which your company is interested:

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Bridget's Cradles! A team member will contact you soon!

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