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2020 Annual Report

We can't wait for you to read our 2020 Annual Report!

Within it, we share powerful pictures and videos from the year, family and hospital testimonies, and impact numbers. We also share ways that you can join us in 2021 so that - together - we can comfort even more grieving families this year.

We hope you'll be inspired by what we accomplished in 2020:

(Please click on the image of the Report below to be taken to the PDF document)

2020 will forever be marked in our minds as the year that took the world by storm. A global pandemic wreaked havoc on our everyday lives as we walked through a tense cultural and political climate. When the virus first arrived and threatened to disrupt all aspects of normalcy with canceled plans and shutdowns, Bridget's Cradles had a choice to make. Would we shut down too? Would we cancel our events for the sake of safety? When we were faced with these decisions, we kept coming back to this question: "How could we possibly close our doors and halt our operations knowing that bereaved families still needed us?" Women were still losing babies. Miscarriage and stillbirth rates were on the rise. Grieving families were left alone at the hospital without support. Many churches and support groups were closed down. Hospital staff still desperately needed bereavement resources. So, how could we leave them all alone? The loss of a baby is heartbreaking enough but to experience it in complete isolation without support or resources? Absolutely devastating. Our hearts were completely broken for them. So, we chose to walk by faith and not in fear. We continued our mission and decided to be a light in the darkness. We altered our operations, rescheduled gatherings, launched online support groups, and offered drive-up and drive-through events. We used creativity and innovation to find ways to minister to grieving families safely. And God blessed that obedience and did abundantly more than we could have expected or imagined. Through the generous support of our donors and volunteers, we comforted thousands of grieving families with the gift of a cradle or memory keepsake and ministered to dozens of families through support groups and remembrance events.

We were a light in the darkness of 2020, and we will keep shining that light in 2021. We hope you'll join us this year.

With Hope,

Ashley Opliger

Executive Director

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