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Judah Nestor | Featured Story

We went in for our 20-week ultrasound hoping to find out if our sweet baby was a boy or a girl. Instead, we were told that there was no heartbeat. Our sweet baby was born that night at 3 am; a beautiful, perfect, sweet, tiny boy. We named him Judah, which means praise because he will spend his whole life in Heaven praising the Lord.

We spent several hours in the hospital holding our sweet baby and trying to soak up what little time we had with him. Our nurse brought in a Bridget’s cradle to hold our sweet baby in. It meant so much to know someone had hand-crafted this beautiful gift to honor our baby and comfort us during our deep sorrow. I will always cherish it.

Written by Casey Nestor, mother of Judah, born into Heaven 2/25/21 at 20 weeks

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