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Thank You, Chloe Jane Boutique!

Chloe Jane Boutique (CJB) is a boutique on a mission! They are a women's apparel and accessory boutique based in Louisville, Kentucky.

CJB is committed to donating 5% of every sale to Bridget's Cradles. Our mission is close to their hearts as they want to break the silence for women who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or infertility.

Carissa (founder of Chloe Jane Boutique) at Norton Commons Farmer's Market in August of 2022.

Donations from CJB will be used to help cover cradle supplies and shipping costs to hospitals. Please join us in thanking CJB for their kind hearts and compassion for grieving moms.

For more information on Chloe Jane Boutique and to visit their online shop:


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