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Ever Lucas and Ezra Louis | Featured Story

My twins were born at 16w5d. They never lived but I still felt them moving in my body just two hours before they were born. Unfortunately my water broke and labor started too soon. They were so loved.

The cradles made me feel like they were warm and snug. They were cared for. They weren’t just exposed. They were so small and having no clothes that could fit them, the cradles made me feel like my babies were safe.

I crochet. So something about that was comforting. And it made me immediately want to make them for other mamas going through what I am.

Written by Rachel Lazar, mother of Ever Lucas and Ezra Louis, born into Heaven 4/3/21 at 16 weeks 5 days

Please leave some love and encouragement for Rachel in the comments below. We appreciate your prayers for their family.


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