Sullivan Anderson | Featured Story

My name is Tora Anderson. I am a devoted wife to my husband, Nick, and a loving mother to two sons, Scout and Sullivan. My husband and I had always planned on having two children.

We also knew that we wanted those children to be two years apart. Our oldest son, Scout turned 2 years old on April 17th, 2020. This is when my husband and I began discussing trying for baby #2.

However, this decision was far more difficult than we could've imagined as we found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. After months of back and forth and weighing options, we finally decided that we would try for a second child. We felt as if the world needed some lightness and joy after a year of quarantine.

On November 30th, 2020, I took a pregnancy test and learned that I was expecting. Words cannot describe how overcome with joy I was. Our family would finally be complete. A family of four. My husband was away on a hunting trip when I discovered that I was pregnant with Baby #2.

When he returned I surprised him by wrapping the pregnancy test up in a box and gifting it to him as an early birthday present. My husband was shocked and excited when he opened his gift. And so we began planning our future as a family of four.

Christmas came and we gifted both sets of our parents with ornaments that read, "Baby Anderson #2 Due August 2021". My parents celebrated and cheered. My in-laws cried tears of joy. We began discussing names and dreaming about what an incredible big brother Scout would be. I attended my first OBGYN appointment in early January and all was well, besides morning sickness which tended to last all day as it did with my first pregnancy.

On January 12th I found myself hospitalized due to vomiting and dehydration. I told myself, "This is all worth it. The end result is worth every trip to the bathroom to get sick." Fortunately, the OBGYN kindly prescribed me anti-nausea medication which cured my vomiting for the most part.