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Tyler Christopher Fairfield | Featured Story

Our baby was unplanned and brought us closer together. He was loved, and his family was excited and awaiting his arrival. Being in the pandemic, we did a small family gender reveal.

At 20 weeks we saw bright-colored bowels and were referred to the high-risk OBGYN for ultrasounds and BPP’s. At 34 weeks, we were told he had a bowel blockage and I would be induced a week early to avoid 40 weeks, full term. They told us that I would deliver there so that any findings could be addressed by their NICU team. Less than a week later, I went in for my weekly ultrasound and was told there was no heartbeat. I was sent to labor and delivery.

Tyler entered this world the next morning, September 3, 2021, at 10:09 am. We spent the entire day with him. We shared him with family, loved him, bathed him, held him, blessed him, baptized him and said goodbye, and walked out of the hospital - our arms were empty but our heart and mind were full of memories.

Our Bridget's Cradles memory keepsake has brought me joy and comfort during this unimaginable time in my life. To know he was thought of and cared for prior to us receiving this heart (keepsake), and that I had somewhere to reach out to after the passing of our beloved boy is comforting.

Written by Nicole Fairfield, mother of Tyler Christopher, born into Heaven 9/3/21 at 34 weeks and 5 days

Please leave some love and encouragement for Nicole in the comments below. We appreciate your prayers for their family.


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